Web Hosting

Create your own web page to share updates and information with friends, family, or people with similar interests.

FREE Personal Webpage Hosting to NDTC Broadband Internet subscribers

NDTC offers space (10mb) for personal web pages free of charge to NDTC Internet subscribers. Free web page hosting is for personal use only by NDTC subscribers, and no commercial or advertising content is allowed.

Creating a personal webpage can be a fun activity, and there are many free webpage creation tools available on the internet. As always, you should only download files from trusted sources, and be sure when you create your page that it doesn't include any vital personal information.

Technical help:

Once you have built your webpage using your preferred software, you will need to get it onto the NDTC Network using FileZilla, which you can download here.

Next, you will need to create a folder on the server named public_html and the homepage of your website will need to be named index.html. The folder and file names ARE CASE SENSITIVE.

The URL of your personal web page will be http://www.gondtc.com/~username. (Replace username with your own user name or login.)

If you need additional help please contact NDTC at 662.1100

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