Single Number Service

Missed Calls Mean Missed Opportunities.
NDTC's Call Management Single Number Service is the solution.  

Family, friends, and customers want to talk to you NOW. With Call Management Single Number Service, your calls follow you, no matter where you go. This service is ideal for individuals and small businesses that want to combine the mobility of their wireless service with the reliability of our landline service.  

  • Give your callers only One Number to dial (example: home number).
  • Ring up to 9 different phone numbers at once (example: work and cellular phone numbers).
  • Never miss another important phone call.
  • Don't limit yourself to serving customers only when you are at your office.
  • Expand your business's after-hours support.
  • Never forget to forward your phone.
  • Manageable by phone or by using My Services Management on the web.

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